Role of conflict management and coaching techniques

It has been established in management literature and practice that conflict is inevitable in workplace
settings which could stir up negative emotions when not well manged. Even though conflict may be perceived as
a negative thing, not all conflicts are negative. In fact, conflicts can arise between co- workers, supervisors and
subordinates or often between employees and external stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers and regulatory
agencies. Managing conflict is a key management competency and should be studied and practiced so as to
develop effective conflict management skills to maintain a positive workplace relationship with colleagues and
create a healthy work environment.
In view of the assumption that conflict is inevitable in the work environment and to prevent its escalation that
could lead to a damaging effect, this assignment requires you to show your understanding of how conflict could
emerge at the work place and use of appropriate coaching techniques and how it can benefit an organisation to
improve the performanc of an individual using any of the suggested essay topics. Your cognitive and intellectual
skills will be put to test by your ability to link theories to practice with substantial evidence of appropriate
analysis. Your essay should
show an understanding of concepts and theories relevant to the subject.
Discuss the role of conflict management and coaching techniques in resolving conflict situations and improving
the performance of individuals

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