Project Management

  1. Description:
    Each student must choose and complete one of the below essays. In doing
    so, students should remember to draw on both academic theory and practical
    examples to illustrate their arguments.
  2. Report Format:
    The essay should be submitted electronically via the Assessments tab in
    Blackboard. Essays should include the following sections:
    • Cover Page*
    • Introduction
    • Major Points
    • Conclusions
    • References*
    • Appendices*
    *Not included in word count.
  3. Essay Choices:
    Choose and complete one of the following essays:
    Essay 1: Answer ALL parts of this question:
    (a) Give an overview of Agile Project Management using appropriate
    examples. (40 marks)
    (b) Discuss the main differences between Agile and more traditional
    waterfall approaches, detailing he relative strengths and weaknesses
    of each. (60 marks)
    Essay 2: Answer ALL parts of this question:
    (a) Give an overview of the risk management process detailing the various
    stages involved. (40 marks)
    (b) Choose one project you are familiar with and critique the risk
    management approach taken, discussing how this impacted overall
    project success. (60 marks)
    Essay 3: Answer ALL parts of this question:
    (a) Choose one example project that qualifies as project failure, assessing
    the failure in terms of time, scope and cost. (40 marks)
    (b) Explain how the project team could have avoided this failure, with
    reference to relevant course theory. (60 marks)

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