Photography and Fake News

Assessment task brief: Rationale   The Dissertation will enhance a theoretical understanding and awareness, alongside greater self-confidence and independence in sustained study.  The Dissertation has the potential to be an integrating force in the programme, while at the same time providing the student with an opportunity to research and delve into a summative body of work of specific interest. The nature of this module is to provide the space to time to enter into prolonged study and realise a greater level of analytical and evaluative skills in the production of a written academic paper. Assessment 1 Students will be required to develop, produce, research and evaluate a substantial piece of work. All Final Year Dissertations must be supported by the appropriate academic references.   Evidence: Written Research paper 100%  
Student name / Enrolment number: 
PART 2: Declaration of Originality
To comply with the College’s assignment submission protocol students should – Submit an Assignment Front Sheet to a Turnitin Assignment Drop Box with the assessment – this will be date stamped and available for academic misconduct scrutiny  Post Assignment Front Sheet plus the assessment to assignment box in School offices  – having signed  this section
This declaration should be completed and submitted with your assignment/examination script.  If it is not completed and signed, you will not receive a mark or feedback for the assessment I confirm that the submitted work is my own work and that I have clearly identified and fully acknowledged all material that is entitled to be attributed to others (whether published or unpublished) using the referencing system set out in the programme handbook. I agree that the College may submit my work to means of checking this, such as the plagiarism detection service Turnitin® UK. I confirm that I understand that assessed work that has been shown to have been plagiarised will be penalised.  I have read and understood the College’s guidance on academic integrity and plagiarism –

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