Operation Management

As an Operations Management Consultant, XYZ has hired you to help determine how it can
improve its operations management by using the available resources. You are required to provide
a report and PowerPoint presentation indicating your analysis to the case company and your
recommendations regarding the following:
▪ Analyze the sales numbers of the company and recommend a forecasting technique to use
during the upcoming period.
▪ Assess the two alternatives (outsourcing vs insourcing) and determine the appropriate
decision based on 2020 forecast.
▪ Assess the proposed improvement initiative using the actual demand of 2019.
▪ Review and assess the process of inspection undertaken by XYZ.
▪ Review and assess the inventory decisions facing XYZ
▪ Prepare an aggregate plan for the first 6 months of 2020 based on the given forecasted
▪ Prepare a linear programming model that determine the optimal product mix and perform
the sensitivity analysis.

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