Mental Health and Psychiatric Disability

-a review of literature and archival sources. (Please make sure to include and integrate perspectives of disability advocacy groups and the disability community through your selection of sources.)

  • 12-15 citations
  • 10-12 double-spaced pages long (excluding bibliography and cover page)


  • Overview of the issue
  • Background
    Scale and scope of the problem
  • Historical context
  • Demographics
  • Magnitude of the issue
    Barriers and challenges
  • Stigma and attitudinal barriers
  • Accessibility barriers
  • Resource scarcity
    Current approaches and responses to the problem:
  • Responses by disability community, family members, and organizations working on disability issues
  • Government responses (policies and programs)
  • Nature of response (medical model, social model, bio-psycho-social model)
    Recommendations for:
  • disability community, family members, allies
  • policy makers
  • social workers and those people implementing programs

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