International Political Economy (IPE)

This is NOT a writing assignment so PLEASE assign to the one who is an expert in International Political
Economy (IPE) !!!
Almost a month a go, I placed this order and completed but was not accepted by my professor because the writer
didn’t used the required reading and the writer should use some strong historical examples. This is my last
chance to make things right. (I attached that essay and more instructions so write a great paper). This should be
IPE not IR
Therefore, PLEASE, assign this midterm to someone who is an expert on my subject (International Political
Economy) and tell him to read all the readings and mostly rely on Cohn’s (Global Political Economy, Theory and
Practice) BOOK. I attached all the required chapters for this book with some articles that the writer MUST use.
Remember to use mostly the readings and cite to answer the question accordingly.
Please answer the following question. The response should be double-spaced and between six to seven pages. It
is an open-book and open note. Please use the short citation form (author, page #) for any direct quotations or
paraphrases. Please use direct QUOTATIONS and paraphrases from the readings to support your argument.
Please don’t use difficult language.
Answer this QUESTION in 6 full pages:
Three prominent International Relations theorists claim that “…the evolution of IPE [International Political
Economy] is better described in terms of focal points of contestation [or disagreement]…than as an all-out war
leading to the victory of one general orientation over another.” Identify and explain the focal points of
disagreement between realism, liberalism, and historical structuralism. In your opinion, which approaches—if
any—is most persuasive? Why? Note: I cannot survive this course if I don’t do well on this assignment
(midterm) so please do your BEST!

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