Intercultural Dialogue and Cultural Diversity research proposal

Intercultural Dialogue and Cultural Diversity research proposal
Over the past years, Cultural diversity has emerged as a crucial topic of discussion. The
diversity in culture exists because human beings have cultural differences. Therefore, it is
essential to state that cultural diversity is linked with the associative process dynamics.
Moreover, an individual’s cultural background also plays a vital role in shaping the person’s
choices and the path the person takes in life. Consequently, there are cultural stereotypes that
affect how people from various cultures are treated in any society. Regardless of this
stereotyping, as the world keeps evolving, more information is accessed, making people
understand cultural differences among societies. Therefore, this research project is set to provide
an overview of cultural diversity and propose ways through which cultural stereotyping can be
Moreover, the diversity of literature pertains to written works, such as various selections
that have been published. Variation in writing goes past ethnicity. It may consolidate the
different features of sexuality, gender, social, and societal associations. It may also reflect
different lifestyles and interests, such as the diverse experiences that everyone can have in life.
Diversity in literature is also crucial because it influences how some other cultures see different
people. When analyzing literary works, we must first know the text’s structure, such as the plot,
how the author arranges the story’s ideas, or incidents. We also must take a close look at the
character, which is essential to the plot. Without characters, the writing would not have a real
sense. Another part of the structure is the setting. The setting is where the story takes place. It
also gives the reader the context for the characters in the story and reflects and symbolizes the
characters’ emotions. All of this can help one better understand a particular culture.
In the modern world, people move from one place to another. This movement has made
people learn new cultures to cope up with their daily activities. However, in these new places,
some people may find hostility, making it difficult for them to reside. For this reason, therefore,
this research project will address the following questions. Firstly, what causes cultural
stereotyping? Secondly, how can cultural diversity be embraced in our societies? Additionally,
the project will also address the significance of cultural diversity in a country. Studying cultural
diversity will be significant because it will better my problem-solving skills and deepen my
learning. It will instill compassion and empathy, and it will shape my view on how I perceive the
modern world. Moreover, I chose this topic because I’ve also been open and interested in
learning about other cultures and their backgrounds. This topic with widened my horizon on a lot
of cultures. I will utilize dissertations, reports, textbooks, manuscripts, and literary selections
during my research process.

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