“In relation to a chosen topic, identify and examine a possible intervention and treatment relating to the nursing care, inclusive of medicines management. Present your findings, and critically discuss their application to practice.”

“In relation to a chosen topic, identify and examine a possible intervention and treatment relating to the nursing care, inclusive of medicines management. Present your findings, and critically discuss their application to practice.”

Student Guidelines
During this module you will be assessed by means of a Viva Voce examination. A Viva is a spoken exam, whereby you will need to demonstrate your understanding relating to specific questions. In the Viva, assessors are looking for evidence of critical examination in relation to evidence-based interventions and treatments in nursing care (inclusive of medicines management). This is a key attribute of a professional nurse (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2015; Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2018).
You are encouraged to critically explore the evidence base behind an identified nursing intervention and treatment, related to a chosen topic from the list provided. You will then be required to undertake a 10 minute oral discussion about the chosen intervention and treatment, drawing on the evidence base you have explored. This discussion must be pre- recorded using audio and camera, and submitted as instructed.

In preparation for your summative viva assessment, you should prepare a proforma, which outlines your chosen treatment and intervention for discussion, some key words (up to 5 for each question) and a reference list (Harvard style). This pro-forma must be submitted to the submission point via Turnitin before 23.59 hours on Thursday 17th December 2020. Please note, this pro-forma is NOT assessed, it is used to assist you in recalling the literature you have examined.
You will be able to refer to your pro-forma during the viva exam, to support your discussion. No other notes will be allowed. At this level you need to ensure that the literature you are using to support your discussion is of good academic quality and is aimed at professionals.
At level 5 you should be aiming to demonstrate a critical understanding of your subject area, meaning that you should avoid description and instead focus on analysing the evidence base and its’ application to practice to provide evidence of a deeper understanding.
In your preparation for this exam you may wish to consider some of the following salient points relating to the evidence base of your chosen intervention and treatment:
• Any primary research and where you have found it
• Any secondary research and national guidelines
• Advantages and disadvantages of the intervention
• Any barriers to implementation of the treatment or intervention
• The nurse’s role in medicines management
• The nurse’s role in advocating for the patient
• Link to your professional code
• Any legal and/or ethical considerations
Please ensure that you refer to the Level 5 Rubric when preparing for this exam, to ensure that you are covering all of the relevant areas.

Recording your Viva
You are required to provide an audio and visual recording of your answers to the Viva questions and submit this via Blackboard. Instructions of how to do this can be found within the Assessment tab on this module platform.
At the start of the recording you will be required to show your Student ID card to the camera and confirm your identity. Using your pro-forma you should then begin your Viva and provide your oral discussion of the two pre-set questions. You will be expected to draw on evidence during your discussion and demonstrate a critical understanding of this. You may use your prompt words and proforma to assist you in answering these questions and sharing your knowledge. You must not use any other notes.
Your Viva is intended to be a discussion of the evidence you have found; the assessment is not designed to be a polished presentation and you are not expected to have learnt a script for it.
The answers to the two questions must not exceed 10 mins. Any part of your answer that exceeds 10 mins will not be assessed.

Support Plans
Any student who wishes to utilise a support plan for this assessment must inform the Module Leader as soon as possible as per policy.

We aim to provide feedback to you on the date identified on the assessment schedule, following internal moderation. You will be able to view this via the Turnitin point where your pro-forma was submitted.
Please note that these results will be unratified and subject to External Moderation by the External Examiner, before being presented at Academic Board and appearing on your academic profile.

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