Gun Control- Prompt- “In terms of the gun debate in America, should individuals prioritize public safety or personal liberty? Why?”

Tips: How much control, if any, should the government have over the firearms industry? Does public safety trump personal liberty? Can the an individual ask for both public safety and personal liberty in terms of guns? What is the need for guns in American as compared to other countries? Does regulating gun ownership create a slippery slope towards regulating other “freedoms?” Should gun ownership be considered a freedom? Why or why not? What are the stakes for gun ownership versus other liberties such as “the right to happiness?” Does the 2nd amendment still apply to today? What other amendments apply today? Does context need to be considered or does the law stand on it’s own? Why or why not?

Develop a clear thesis for your essay that is supported by examples from at least TWO of the readings (or Podcasts) from this unit. Quote the reading(s) appropriately to support your argument, not the author’s. While personal experience may help support your argument, this essay should be guided by analysis rather than narrative and opinion. Essays must be 3 – 5 typed pages of 12-point Times New Roman font, be double-spaceiqud, and have one-inch margins all around.

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