Economic Study for Dibimilano for expanding

Dibimilano ( is one of the brands of the company Alfaparf Group. ( They are considering growth strategies and have identified two possibilities – a)
continue expanding in Russia after having set up an office in Moscow by opening a second office in St.
Petersburg or enter into the Latin American market through Brazil by setting up an office in both Sao Paolo and
Rio de Janeiro.
They have got in touch with you so that you prepare an economic study of the two options (and economics
indicators). They are interested in comparing the domestic markets above all the consumption patterns and the
openness to foreign trade; the Fiscal and Monetary policies applied by the country’s authorities and how they
could influence their economic growth, and how vulnerable they are to external change – you should identify
possible threats of external change such as changes in US interest rates; in the market price of oil and evaluate
the impact that they could have on the economy of your country. Identify the market and trends, general
conditions, and ease of access to credit.
At the end, you should develop specific conclusions and recommendations for Dibimilano and the best strategy
available to them.
Answer and develop the questions by presenting, analyzing, comparing, and contrasting information with the
support of data and graphs.

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