Cyber Security in Relation to the Aviation Industry

Topic: Cyber Security in Relation to the Aviation Industry
Topic Requirements
Follow these requirements when selecting a research paper topic and when developing your research paper problem/purpose statement.

  1. Topics must be course relevant.
  2. Current issues (topics on security after 9/11 or deregulation are not considered current). Topics must revolve around issues within the past 5 years.
  3. Topics must have current scholarly references and data that is publicly accessible to the student within the time frame of this course.
  4. Topics must state a current aviation industry PROBLEM (remember this is a research paper, not a descriptive or informative paper).
  5. Topics must be narrow enough to provide useful recommendations and/or solutions that airport administrators may find useful.
  6. Topics must be original and/or unique to this course – duplication of previously submitted or researched topics will not be considered.
  7. Topic statements must be written within 2 – 3 sentences, as described by the research tips provided.

Paper Requirements
Review the following requirements for your research paper:

  1. Follow current APA guidelines.
  2. Consist of 12 – 15 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages).
  3. Include: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion (IMRD) sections, and conclusion.
  4. Contain a minimum of five (5) peer reviewed, scholarly references, cited properly throughout the paper.
    Scholarly Writing
    (IMRD) Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion
  5. Introduction section (summarize what the paper will cover and describe the topic);
  6. Methods section (present the research conducted and compare and interpret the topic)
  7. Results section (explain the results of the research, and provide solutions, examples and relevance of the topic to real-world examples)
  8. Discussion section (demonstrate relationships, causes and effects between elements of the topic)
  9. Conclusion section (summarize and combine elements of the topic, and present and defeiqund original judgements or ideas)

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