“Critical assessment of the impacts of the on-going trade war between USA and China on the global economy. A case study of Japan”.


  1. Identify the country’s key economic sector(s) and their contributions to the nation’s economy, sources of
    comparative advantage, trend analysis of the country’s GDP for the past 10 years.
  2. The country’s main import and export items, their 10-year full trend analysis, threats and opportunities to
    trade and investments, and application of trade theories and concepts.
  3. Summary of what prompted the crisis, how this has affected trade and investments, changes in the nation’s
    debt profile and national labour market.
  4. Critical evaluation of the corrective measures taken by the government to address the crisis and analysis of
    their effectiveness.
  5. Recommendations on how to revive the nation’s economy.
    It is important that, wherever possible, you apply international economic concepts to support your analysis. You
    should look through the Central Bank Reports, World Bank Reports, The Economist, Financial Times, Business
    Week, the Internet and other sources for data and information

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