Course reflection

1.How will you use the knowledge you have gained from this course, especially about Social Determinants of Health, to educate and assist your patients achieve improve their health?
2.What content in this course made the most impact in the way you think about health, public/community health and/or healthcare?

  1. Have you gained an interest in working in Community or Public Health after this course?

Care of Communities: Community Health Nursing Objectives
Analyze comprehensive and focused assessments (physical, psychosocial, socioeconomic, political, developmental, spiritual, cultural, educational, health care, and environmental) of diverse communities, groups, and populations.
Evaluate one’s role and participation in emergency preparedness and disaster response with an awareness of environmental factors and the risks they pose to self, patients/clients, communities, groups, and populations in a multicultural environment.
Use decision making skills, including the nursing process and problem solving processes, to deliver evidence-based care in the health promotion, maintenance, and restoration, disease and injury prevention, and rehabilitation of health and during disasters/ emergencies, mass casualties, and other crises that impact communities, groups, and populations, using developmentally and culturally appropriate approaches.
Critically analyze evidence-based practice guidelines/research, nursing theories, and theories from other disciplines that support the identification of clinical problems, prioritization of activities, implementation of nursing skills, and quality outcomes in the care of diverse communities, groups, and populations.
Develop clinical prevention and population-focused interventions, using appropriate technological aids, with attention to effectiveness, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and equity.
Engage in purposeful collaboration and communication within a team to develop plans of care for communities, groups, and populations that take into account determinants of health, available resources, and the range of activities that contribute to health promotion, prevention of disease and injury, and emergency preparedness.
Examine professional nursing concepts of social justice, advocacy, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and altruism related to the health of vulnerable communities, groups, and populations and elimination of health disparities in a multicultural global environment.

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