Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration (CORD) Project

Your assignment should be based on the below template/outline and you should include these 4 bolded-headings in your paper:

Introduction/overview of topic

What is it, who it affects, why it was implemented, when it was implemented.


Who was the target audience? How successful was it (give actual statistics/data)? How does the initiative measure success or lack thereof? How was it funded? What government agency was behind the initiative/program (if any)? How was it made public (TV ads, newspaper, school visits, etc.)? What challenges or pitfalls were there with this program (either mentioned by author of article or something you have identified)? Is it still ongoing?


Summary of takeaways from the 2 articles and offer suggestions/opinions for areas of improvement. What’s the future look like for the initiative/program? What challenges do you think it’ll face?

What did you learn that you didn’t already know

Give details about what you learned and what your takeawiquay is from the 2 articles.

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