Art research

Section #1:
Research Judy Pfaff at tandem Press: Judy Pfaff article:

  • Particularly her Year of the dog series – along with Swoon (her street artwork including relief prints) as artists who utilize relief and collage and/or digital in their work – site your reference images.
    Write a one page paper addressing the role that the collage and digital elements play in creating your image content. (writer i will attatch the images in the materials).
    What I did : Your completed series needs to incorporate a repetition/pattern – research the pattern & decoration movement P&D that Pfaff is considered part of… you may also incorporate concrete imagery based on biology, geology, mapping, etc.

If needed, use a registration system appropriate for your image. A unified (and subdued) color scheme is highly suggested – mix your colors! Do not use them straight from the can!! Experiment with differing woodgrains, papers, colored papers, thin natural based textiles/fabrics and combinations thereof. You may collage these before printing or after. However, make sure your image is unified!
Section #2:
Color Reductive Woodcut
Paper: write a one page paper referencing two (2) contemporary artists selected from the syllabus (writer i will attatch syllabus ) websites for this assignment. In your paper include: why did you choose these particular artists? How will you use their work as reference/reinterpretation for your print Anthropocene content – see below? How do you plan on utilizing the color scheme and cutting/printing techniques that were used? What will be your methodology? Please analyze your planned process.(writer I will attatch an image of the final water based print. it is about Fredonia, New Yorks microplastics in their water issue the mouth on the image represents consumimg the water)
Section #3 :
Include a brief artist statement, no more than one page, along with your image of the completed prints. (Writer this is not created yet, this will be a womiquan tied to a pole with fire all around her. )

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