What Economic policies should the U.S. government implement to address the concerns/inequities/deficiencies/economic issues that have been highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Background: Political leaning aside – the economy (or any system) achieves the highest output and highest
benefits for its members when it is the most efficient and equitable. The waste of any talent causes inefficiency.
How we define, address, and attempt to correct those deficits will define how high we as a country can rise.
These issues are not easy. They are not easy for citizens and they are not easy for governments. But they are
exactly the type of issues that a Macro Economics course should help you to clarify for yourself.
You will need to identify and define the areas that you think government economic action and/or inaction can
have the greatest impact on. Then you will need to articulate 3 policy goals and identify economic policy that
government should pursue to achieve each of those goals. (so 3 goals each with its own separate economic
policy that you are promoting). You will need to identify the pros and cons. And you will need to utilize a graph
for each concept (at least 3 total different graphs) to visually show what/how the actions will impact.
The paper is expected to be between 7 to 10 pages, double spaced, normal size font, etc….
Appropriate citatiiquon of any cited sources is required.

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