Respond to The Moral Dilemma of Climate Change

⁞ InstructionsChoose either Topic A, Topic B, or Topic C. To answer these topics completely, it takes a
minimum of 350 words. Use the topic questions and the scoring rubric to see if your draft responds fully to all
parts of the question. A complete thoughtful answer is more important than word count.⁞ Topics for your
Essay, Choose oneTopic A:Respond to The Moral Dilemma of Climate Change at the top of page 440.
Should we pay now to try and rein in global warming and its awful effects, or should we let our kids pay? Do we
have moral obligations to future generations, to people who don’t yet exist? If we do have obligations to them,
how much should we sacrifice now to do our duty?ORTopic B:Explain and defend your views on the
following: Is there anything wrong in offering unauthorized immigrants “a path to citizenship”? Should children
brought into a country illegally ever be deported?ORTopic C:Respond to Singer or Hardin at the top of
page 829. What would be the proper moral response of rich nations to this impending tragedy? Do you favor
Garrett Hardin’s approach in which rich countries would not send food aid? Or Peter Singer’s path in which
affluent individuals would be obligated to give much of their wealth to feed the hungry? Or a middle way in
which the rich would have a duty to give some aid but would also have obligations to themselves and to their
family and friends? Explain your view.

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