CPTED(Crime prevention through environmental design)/situational crime survey

TOPIC: CPTED(Crime prevention through environmental design)/situational crime survey
This essay is a 4 page assignment, below are the instructions. Read the above uploaded PDF’s.
Complete a CPTED survey of a real facility or location in New York City. Study a specific built facility in New
York City (e.g., a park, subway station), a real building or a part of a building (e.g., a store inside the building,
lobby area of an office building). Try to pick a setting that has some flaws so that you can recommend
Describe the facilities and the features of the location you are surveying using the CPTED/situational crime
approach. (Some protective features are not directly related to CPTED.)
Include both examples of CPTED features that exist and that would improve security. For each of the features,
describe the following:

  1. Describe the building or facility by listing the CPTED relevant features.
  2. Explain whether each feature is an existing feature or a feature that would improve security if added.
  3. Explain how each the feature is relevant to surveillance, access control, and/or territorial reinforcement.
  4. Explain whether the feature is a mechanical (physical component) concept, an organizational concepts (that is,
    an instructional component) and/or a “natural” concept.
  5. Explain the specific threats that each feature is likely to prevent or mitigate. Keep in mind that some types of
    threats do not pose a risk for some building/features. For example, a convenience store is unlikely to be the
    target of a car bomb, but it might be vulnerable to robberies and theft. Keep in mind that there may be
    noncriminal threats, that is, undesirable behaviors that may be relevant to whatever location you are surveying.
    Also, note that threats depend heavily on the environment. (e.g., a robbery is far more likely in some
    neighborhoods than others, the use of a heavily-used basketball court as a deterrent to crime is far more likely
    some neighborhoods than others)

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