script the restaurant service

As part of your employee development at Chipotle, you’ve taken the Powerful Language section of this module
to heart.
This assignment has two parts:
Part 1: You will write a customer interaction that includes as many powerless and fightin’ words as possible (try,
wish, might, unfortunately, as I said, again). Use the Chipotle fast casual experience as your guide. Consider the
following points: first contact with an employee, the service line interactions and questions customers might ask,
and the final interactions.
Part 2: Remove all of the powerless words used in your script and replace them with a powerful counterpart. For
example, if you don’t know the answer to a customer question, what do you say that tells the customer you’ll
figure it out?
Remove all the fightin’ words. Notice that many times these words require no replacement. They can simply be

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