How media influences health behaviours and moulds attitudes towards health and social care.

How media influences health behaviours

  1. The 3,000 word essay is orientated towards Learning Outcomes 1 and 2 and should be written in the
    rd person using appropriate academic conventions regarding written style, referencing etc.
    The acceptable word limit for the essay is between 2700 and 3300 words. Guidance on what is
    included in the word count is provided on page 13 of this handbook. I will stop marking at 3300 words
    so please make sure that you keep to this limit.
    This assessment will be marked anonymously in line with the University of Winchester Anonymous
    Marking Policy so please do not write your name anywhere on your essay. Please include your
    student number on the first page. There may be some circumstances, for example where poor

  2. Essay Title: Critically explore using evidence from an extensive range of sources, how the media influences health behaviour and moulds attitudes towards health, social care and disability and how
    organisations might best respond.

  3. You may EITHER direct this question towards a range of topics OR focus on a specific area of health
    and social care – for example taken from the topics we have discussed over the duration of the
    module. You must however make sure that you give equal weight to the role of media in influencing
    behaviour and attitudes (LO1) and the use of media by organisations involved in health and social care
    and representation of service users (LO2). Please consider a range of different types of media including
    both ‘traditional’ (print, TV, radio, film, advertising) and digital forms.

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