How coastal sand dune plants vary with surroundings (human, chemical and physics) and how the plants develop and adapt to the coastal environment as a whole. This is all about Camber sands

write my paper about analysing the coastal vegetation on the dunes in Camber Sands, this included their
direct surroundings, the environment they have to grow in and any influences outside of the normal (human
interaction), we had to include a methodology explaining all the different methods of data collection we used, a
data presentation where we had to explain what the data shows compared to the other results without drawing
conclusion about why the data shows what is shows. Afterwards we then had to explain the data in a separate
paragraph where we had to link cause to effect on why we think some of the data presented came out the way it
did (why the data shows what it does). finally we had to write self criticism on both the investigative paper and
the field trips.

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