Systems Building: Methods

Tasks to be undertaken: Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three different Information Systems Development Methods (ISDM or ISD methods) for a chosen case study. Following elements will be assessed:

  1. choice of a case study (a scenario). It can be any type of ICT system or piece of software. Real-world problems and their sustainable solutions are welcome. The level of detail is up to you but should be in line with the rest of your work. It is enough to summarise the case study in the report the main body paying attention to provide a piece of sufficient information on the context and benefits of the system for your subsequent analysis. Subsequently, you will need to prepare your criteria (see 2) conduct analysis (see 3) and conclude your work with the recommendation (see 4).
  2. choice of a suitable set of criteria (framework) for the evaluation of development methods similar to what we have been practicing during the term – a set of criteria for your analysis/evaluation that should help you with your analysis and for choosing the most suitable method for your scenario (see 3 & 4).
  3. comparative analysis (set in a table format) of ISD methods, in the simplest case it could be Structured, Object-Oriented and Dynamic – compare the three methods against this newly created framework. It should be on a table similar to the one we created during our very first seminar session. Please note that you compare here Information regarding Information Systems Development Methods, not Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC)!!
  4. recommendation of the most suitable method(s) for the chosen case study as resulting from the comparative analysis – based on the case study (scenario) you chose, what is the best ISD method to adopt and why.
    Deliverables to be submitted for assessment:
    A report including a comparison table, where the criteria and analysis are included. Please note, your recommendation must be accompanied by critical analysis and supported by sufficient number of criteria and arguments to prove your understanding of the differences and the application of the discussed development methods.
    The main report (excluding title page, table of contents and reference list / bibliography) should not exceed 3,000 words or 15 mins of recorded presentation.

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