Supply Chain Innovations

General instructions (Section heading: Times New Roman, bold, 12 pt, no numbering)
The coursework should be prepared using Times New Roman (12 pt, justified) font according to the format described in this template. The first paragraph of each section and subsection should not be indented.

Following paragraphs indented 0.5 cm.

<1 line spacing before the subheading and section heading, no line spacing after the heading and subheading>
Other details (subheading: Times New Roman, italics, 12 pt, no numbering)

Equations should be typed flush with the left-hand margin and numbered consecutively with numbers in brackets on the right. Leave single spacing above and below equations, as shown below.

<1 line spacing before equation>
Equation (1):
Σ xi = δ

<1 line spacing after equation>
Captions should be placed below figures and above tables. These are to be typed in Times New Roman 11, in italics, and centred.
Leave one line before and after tables and figures (see examples below).

<1 line spacing before table>
Table 1 – Caption (Times New Roman, Italic, 11 pt, centered)

<1 line spacing after table>

<1 line spacing before figure>

Figure 1 – Caption (Times New Roman, Italic, 11 pt, centered)

<1 line spacing after figure>
This is an example of main text, and is the last line of this section.

<1 line spacing>

The above text summarizes and descriptively demonstrates the main instructions for writing and preparing the coursework. References to other publications should be in Harvard style.

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