National Hockey League (NHL) team performance vs. On-Ice Success. Is relocation a true answer for a struggling team?

TOPIC: My topic is National Hockey League (NHL) Expansion & Relocation to Quebec, Canada and the rise/success of “non-traditional” NHL markets such as Las Vegas & Nashville. Researching the rise of the small market nhl teams: How do I define small market vs big market teams? Look at tv ratings for each of the past 10 seasons & playoffs – Nielsen Ratings Look at revenue for each team – Forbes list Look at pricing strategies for NHL teams – variable, flex, tiered, etc.

Thesis Questions: 1. Does NHL fan attendance correlate with success on the ice (team performance) in the NHL team standings? 2. Is relocating an NHL team who struggles with financial success and team performance in the standings a viable option? 3. If it is a viable option, does relocating to a hockey starved city like Quebec, Canada makes sense for the city of Quebec and the NHL? How does this make sense from a financial & economical standpoint for both the city of Quebec and the NHL?


All written work is to be typed, double-spaced, with a 12-point font and 1-inch margins using Times New Roman. The final paper must be submitted using the APA format

The student will write a graduate-level research and analysis document not to exceed 30 pages (EXCLUDING title page, table of contents, references, appendices). The student is expected to evaluate, critique, test, and build upon a current topic of his/her choosing in the sports industry that identifies a significant need, problem and/or opportunity and a solution, recommendation or other conclusion.

A minimum of 15 suitable acceptable references must be used in the paper, which should include: published works from electronic or printed peer-reviewed/scholarly sources (at least three); sports industry-related reporting or opinion pieces (think critically about the difference and account for that in their use), peer-reviewed (at least 3), refereed, and/or scholarly pieces.

Submit a working reference list that adheres to APA Citation Guidelines (6th ed.). Identify published works from recognized, authoritative sources and potential interview sources. The published works should represent a variety of source types such as peer-reviewed journal articles, market research reports, trade publications and reputable sports industry sources.
• For each source, provide a complete citation and annotation. Upload to Each annotation should be written in your voice but, in striving for objectivity and authority, refrain from “opinions” and avoid writing in the first person.
Suggested Table of Contents and Format for Capstone Paper

  1. Executive Summary *
  2. Introduction *
  3. Background and Literature Review *
  4. Thesis Statement * and Research Questions
  5. Methodology (optional)
  6. Body of Paper *
    • Demonstration of mastery and understanding of the topic
    • Discussion, analysis and presentation of information including use of at least one analytical tool — SWOT Analysis / Environmental, Company and Competition Analysis / Scan Market / Demand / Product/Service Analysis / External Sector Factors / Trends / Economic & Social Conditions
  7. Marketing / Communications / New Media (optional / if applicable)
  8. Financial Considerations *
    • Examining and discussing financial impact and/or primary financial component(s) of project – examples may include Budget Analysis or Revenue Projections
  9. Project Management Components / Timelines (optional / if applicable)
  10. Measurement / Return on Investment/ Return on Objective *
  11. Conclusion *
  12. References *
  13. Appendices*
  • indicates required section
    Other sections to consider: Special Events, Grants/Fundraising, Success Factors/Solutions

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