Impact of COVID on the United States’ Economy

A major part of the course consists of writing a research paper following all appropriate rules and format. The
research paper is preferably to contain both primary and secondary research. It must be free of grammatical,
spelling, and typographical errors; otherwise a heavy penalty will be incurred (i.e., a minimum of 10 points for
1-2 spelling errors). It is extremely important that the report be done according to instructions. Form and
format will be a major part of grading criteria as well as content and proper presentation of information
according to the requirements of an analytical business report.
Papers should build toward a conclusion of managerial and international business implications. You may
describe issues and practices but must have an implication section in which you, the student, synthesize the
literature and reach conclusions on how to apply the results of your research.
Use scholarly refereed journal articles for the foundation of your paper. Practitioner-oriented journals and
Internet sites can be used also. It is preferred that you also use primary sources such as a questionnaire or
multiple interviews with professionals in the field. Identify your primary interview sources in the reference
section (i.e., person’s title, company, telephone number). When relying on information found on the World
Wide Web, be certain of its quality and value. A minimum of nine (9) professional scholarly, refereed research
journals or research-based publications is required as source material. You will need 12 articles minimum;
therefore, you can use several practitioner-oriented journals or web sites. I would expect that you will need
more than the minimum 12.
Papers should be properly documented according to the American Psychological Association (APA) style.
(This is a convenient referencing style that does not use footnotes). Papers should be well written and
carefully organized. The organization of papers benefits from the use of headings. Your research paper
should be 11-14 double-spaced pages excluding the list of references. The reference list should be singlespaced
except to double space between entries. Do NOT use books as references. You need 11 full pages as
minimum and preferably 13-14 as your maximum. Do not use Wikipedia.

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