First: The written Essay document which will be around (1500 Words)  Start off by introducing your company, its background/history and why it is interesting to explore your themes/ what makes the company distinctive.

First: The written Essay document which will be around (1500 Words)
 Start off by introducing your company, its background/history and why it is interesting to explore your themes/ what makes the company distinctive.
 Describe the organisation’s structure in traditional terms e.g. M form, matrix etc
 Then use your three themes as sub-sections/Sub headings (Company strategy, Globalisation, Organisational culture, Re-structuring/re-organisation/evolution/ disaggregation/downsizing Technology Management control mechanisms (bureaucratic/technological/normative)Inter-relationships (global supply chain, outsourcing relationships, partnerships, network relationships), comparison of two international sites. Post-bureaucracy Compare and contrast two subsidiaries in different countries…and so on…) Pick ONLY Three of these themes.
 Apply theory to help explain your understanding and interpretations of your company.
 Apply 2-3 strategy tools to help you analyse the themes ( PESTLE , SWOT , industry life cycle etc)
 Conclusion (including practical implications)
 Structure cannot be one of the three themes! You will discuss each theme then explain how it influences/informs structure in each section. So if you are using strategy as a theme, you describe/analyse the company’s strategy and then explain how the strategy shapes/informs the company’s structures (and vice versa).
e.g. the culture (as a theme) of company X is informal, family based and this creates a flat structure…..

• It will be expected that you select at least three themes to discuss in your assignment (these three themes should be related to structure as this is the core theme of the ssay and thus the three themes should be in addition to structure). Your discussion is likely to include careful address of the opportunities and threats in the environment to help describe what is happening in your case company. You will also demonstrate use of strategy tools in your analysis. It is expected that a portfolio will include an historical background but that it will be centred on the chosen company’s contemporary development.
• The portfolio is an attempt to explain the reorganisation and development of a specific company. It will also be expected that you refer to the theoretical material in the course to aid your analysis.

Second: The portfolio (Maximum 2000 words), it should consists of the following:
• Non-academic sources. That means all the factual company information you’ve sourced and used in your assignment (websites, company reports, trade press or practitioner articles, newspaper articles etc) as screen shots, scanned documents or pdfs etc – back to back (you can label them as section A,B,C etc).
• E.g. Web articles, newspaper articles, trade press clips etc
• You can weave portfolio material into the body of the essay or place all your materials in an appendix.
• Material in appendix does not count towards the total word limit.
• Try not to quote too much from the company website – the report should be your descriptions and analysis.
• Pay attention to referencing

• the compilation of a portfolio of information and other evidence concerning your particular company (including newspaper cuttings (FT, WSJ, The Times, etc), periodicals (The Economist for instance), specialist trade publications, extracts from reports and other documents (press releases, company literature, recruitment brochures, etc), secondary literature (books and academic articles), web-based documents, etc) plus a written linking commentary.

• which is solely your collected information – may be of any length, though must not exceed 2,000 words. This commentary may be presented separately to the portfolio materials or the portfolio material may be integrated into your written essay.

• So, for example, you may wish to discuss your case company’s strategy, culture, management control mechanisms, inter-relationships (supply chain, outsourcing relationships, partnerships, network relationships), re-organisation or evolution or other functional or structural dimensions.

• The portfolio can include links , graphs , images of the text all as of which the source was used to write the essay.

• Portfolio is the bank of information in which the essay was written.

The format is as follows:
• Calibri 12 size FONT
• Blocked paragraphing
• 1 ½ line spacing

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