Digital Portfolio

Create a Digital Portfolio: Anti-Bullying Preventative Strategies, Interventions, and Class Curriculum with the following sections:
You will use the following 20 Topic Dividers (folders) in your digital portfolio and come up with your own ideas for activities that suit your classroom/school and your students. You will submit your table of contents with the activities (include web-addresses and citations for resources) you have chosen for each topic listed. You will provide a description of each activity. Describe how/when/what/where you will use this curriculum.

1) Look at and Discuss
2) Research and Write
3) Make and Do
4) Create and Perform
5) Connect with Experts
6) Plan Lessons
7) Empower Student Leaders
8) Include Young Children
9) Apps and Digital Activities
10) Mindfulness Practices
11) Brain Breaks
12) Relationships in the Classroom/School
13) Positive (Growth) Mindsets
14) How to Make a Classroom a Home for Students
15) Cultivate Emotional Resilience
16) How to De-escalate Behavior: (Links to an external site.) A 5 is Against the Law:

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