Critical Race Theory

The second assignment requires students to write a Theory Paper. Students will
choose a theoretical perspective covered in the assigned readings and write a critical
analysis of the use of the theory to your personal and professional identity
development. The paper should be ten (10) pages in length; double-spaced; using
APA style; and a minimum of ten (10) references. Specifically, students should
address the following in their analysis:

  1. Select and discuss a theory. Specifically, please provide a description of
    the theory that includes major theoretical assumptions, key concepts,
    stages, or phases
  2. Please use the theory to discuss your individual (ethnic, racial,
    biopsychosocial, and spiritual) development. Specifically, discuss the
    influence of your family or extended family influence on your current
    developmental stage. That is, what influence did your family or extended
    family have on where you are now and what stages/phases have you passed
    through at this point in your life?
  3. Identify and briefly describe a minimum of three (3) major events or challenges
    inthe larger environment, such as political or social movements, or national
    problems that have influenced you. For each one, briefly describe how your
    development and world view were affected (personal and professional).
  4. Our society is divided by differences (ethnicity, race, gender, class, religion,
    sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc.). Discrimination and oppression
    affect everyone, whether they are part of the dominant group or a
    subordinated group. Discuss the impact of at the minimum three (3)
    “differences”, discrimination and oppression on your development and
    worldview (personal and professional).
  5. Taking into consideration the experiences and influences that you have
    discussed above, discuss briefly the strengths, limitations, and usefulness of
    the theory for you as a social worker. Additionally, discuss how said theory
    may or may not influence your ability to become a culturally competent and
    effective socialworker.

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