Analyze the files and and attract the key term

The vendor Nuwest Claim NYC owe them balance but we want prove that we don’t owe them the balance they
state. I need you to review review attached documents emails, invoices, amendments and contracts. Nuwest is
saying NYC is responsible for paying for the nurse didn’t order. I need you to review the attached documents and
put together an 1 page bullet point, pointing out keys facts show why we show why we NYC is not responsible
with citing where you get the supporting information. analyze all the files and and attract the key term to prove
my argument. For example 3.2 Notice of Conflicts. Company will notify Agency of any conflicts within 72
hours of
receipt from Agency of a resume for a Candidate Placement. In the event Company fails to notify
Agency of a conflict within this time period, any candidates submitted by Agency for a Candidate
Placement and subsequently hired or placed will qualify a fee under Section 2 above. (page 2 of the Nuwest File

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