Describe the entrepreneurial lifecycle of an entrepreneurial venture

General requirements:

  1. Two parts, where the second is based on the first and is condensed summary in the form of presentation.
  2. Essay part (first part):
    a. 1700 words with 7-8 references.
  3. Powerpoint presentation (second part):
    a. 6 slides

Essay part
Describe the entrepreneurial lifecycle of UBER or LYFT or NJOY or SPACE X or a different successful startup and analyse its experience in terms of the concepts described below under “Analyses”.
Outline for the essay:

  1. Background info on the company (short history with some numbers)
  2. Analyses, the analysis should be carried out in terms of the concepts related to the stages of the entrepreneurial life cycle:
    2.1.1. Business opportunities (found or made, markets; Porter’s five forces; NUF -new, useful, feasible; innovative thinking)
    2.1.2. Ideation and testing (customer discovery, customer validation, customer creation, company building; Lean startup model),
    2.1.3. business model generation (business model canvas),
    2.1.4. resource acquisition (own cash; grants; crowdfunding; trading, equity, overdraft,)
    2.1.5. management and execution (Kapla&Norton scorecard).
    2.2. The concepts of identification and assessment of business opportunities.
    2.3. The concepts, frameworks and tools for turning ideas into products or services, measuring the customer response, and learning from this loop.
    2.4. The concepts related to effectuation and stages for funding a startup
  3. Summary

Powerpoint presentation
Prepare a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation (6 slides) addressing the following:

  1. Describe your chosen venture’s business model using the Business Model identify its strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Identify a challenge or opportunity for improvement in the venture described.
  3. Develop a proposal for improvement in response to this, utilising formal concepts:
    a. The concepts and frameworks related to the business model innovation process.
    b. Technological concepts and trends that enable new innovative and disruptive business models.
    c. The innovation theories, methods and tools supporting entrepreneurs during the different stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

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