Essay #2 Thematic Essay
We have studied several themes this semester – discrimination, and we have read or watched several sources on
each of these themes. For this essay, you will choose one of these three themes and write a thesis-driven multiparagraph expository essay on your chosen theme. I CHOOSE DESCRIMINATION AS MY THEME.
Before writing this essay, it would be helpful for you to review the theme’s sources inside Canvas and to read
your blog and your peers’ responses to your blog. You may use any of these as sources of information to develop
your essay, but you must be sure to cite your source within the text of your essay. If necessary, take another look
at the MLA format unit so that you can be sure you won’t plagiarize. No sources outside of Canvas can be used
for this essay. The bulk of this essay should consist of your opinion on the topic.
Your essay should follow this general outline
A. Introductory paragraph of at least four sentences
Please re-read pages 14-18 in Voices and Values. Pay particular attention to the discussion of the Introductory
Paragraph on pp. 16-17. Remember that the introductory paragraph does two things:
a. Gets the reader’s attention via a hook – good beginnings for this assignment would be asking a question (p. 17,

b. States the thesis statement — the main idea (central point) of the entire essay. Please view the Prezi
presentation below to gain a better understanding of the thesis statement.
B. At least two body paragraphs. Each body paragraph needs to begin with a topic sentence and should be
developed by at least two major supporting details, each with at least one specific example (minor supporting
C. A concluding paragraph
Re-read the information on concluding paragraphs on p. 18 of Voices and Values. Your concluding paragraph
needs to be at least two sentences.
Note that a concluding paragraph does two things:
a. Summarizes the essay by re-stating the thesis
b. Provides a closing thought on the subject.

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