Online procrastination

Select a topic or issue or an aspect of a topic from an article(s) published on The Conversation
website that you have not already written about. The process of creating your response for
Essay 5 will also include a search of popular and scholarly articles.However, this time, you will
document your research in an Annotated Bibliography, which will include a brief summary and
commentary about the usefulness of at least five articles, one of which should be scholarly.
The article that I chose on the Conversation website is about online procrastination:
My main intention of this essay is to help students to stop procrastinating from online courses as it’s extremely
easy to be distracted with remote learning.
In summary, write a 1200 words essay about the topic that I gave above. Then, I have made an extra of
approximately 450 words for you to write about the usefulness of the five researched sources. I have also
included my course rhetorical strategies so that you can write closely upon them.

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