How education and counseling effects the acutely ill in ambulatory care nursing

An analysis paper is a critical thinking exercise that requires the student to analyze a chosen topic and use evidence to support a stated or chosen position or argument. The purpose of this assignment is for the student to select a current topic in ambulatory professional nursing practice from the list below, and analyze the topic through the lens of the bachelor’s prepared registered nurse. The analysis discussion is to include why the selected topic is important to current nursing practice in the RN role in the ambulatory care setting, the challenges and opportunities to both the nursing profession and patient care. Additionally, the student is to include at least one example of a client/patient group and the impact of the selected topic on patient care and health care outcomes. In summary, reflect on your current practice (regardless if inpatient or ambulatory care) in relation to your selected topic. Based on your analysis of the existing opportunities and/or challenges of this topic, describe at least one change you would incorporate in your approach to patient care and achieving health outcomes. 

The student is to use the course textbook and course material, along with evidence from credible sources (at least 2 other research material sources from outside of the course material) to address their topic and support their analysis. The analysis paper should be no fewer than 5 pages in length (not counting title page or reference page), double spaced, and in APA 7 style and format.

Topics (choose one): 

  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Patient Safety and Regulatory Compliance
  • Patient Education and Counselling
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Performance Improvement
  • Care Coordination and Transition management 

Examples of Care of Client/Patient population in ambulatory care: 

  • Well client.
  • Acutely Ill patient
  • Perioperative/Procedural patient 
  • Chronically Ill
  • Terminally Ill

Recommended Paper Outline

  • Introduction and Background
    • Why the topic is important to the nursing profession
    • Relevance to the RN role in ambulatory nursing practice
  • Analysis
    • Opportunities 
  • The nursing profession and patient care
  • Rationale to support the identified opportunities
  • Challenges
  • The nursing profession and patient care
  • Rationale to support the identified challenges
  • Impact of (topic)
  • Patient care
  • Health care outcomes
  • Summary
    • Reflection on your practice

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