Potentials and Boundaries of E-Commerce in the Sales of High-Quality Products

Topic: Potentials and Boundaries of E-Commerce in the Sales of High-Quality Products

Paper details:

This is my final thesis for the (International Marketing & Management) program. I need a thesis that clarifies the special features of “high-quality” (premium) products and shows what the boundaries are to sell them in online business.

First of all it is about the definition of the term “High-Quality” products and the differentiation to luxury and premium products. The potentials of e-commerce are to be worked out, especially in view of the pandemic and the current popularity of online shopping.

I would like to emphasize that without online channels nothing works anymore in principle.

In the end, my conclusion is that the so-called omnichannel trade is the ideal solution for an e-commerce business with premium products. Important:

This is a paper for a german business school, Please take into account when researching literature and writing the thesis that I need a European perspective on the topic.

Because we do a progressive delivery I will correct and feedback you continually. To make the start easier I will give you the structure of the work. I will also give you a certain lieteratut. Neverthelesiqus, you have to do your own research.

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