Medication Management Case Studies

Subject: Nursing
Topic: Medication Management Case Studies

Paper details:

Complete 2 case studies on medication management.

*Critically review the medication management of two complex patients (patients with comorbidities) that you have cared for in practice during your clinical placements. (e.g. patient that has diabetes and depression) *Choose 2 different types of patients on different medications. Each case study should be approximately 750 words.

*For each case study present the patient diagnosis, an overview of prescribed medications (detail can be provided in an appendix) and key nursing considerations / patient education related to the medication management of your patient.

*Use references to support your case studies. These should include references to policy documents such as NIMBI (2020) or HIQA (2014;2015) documents related to safe medication management; a pharmacology source; nursing articles related to medication management. Structure your assignment as follows:

Introduction for the 2 case study Case Study 1 Case Study 2 Conclusion for the 2 case study References (should not be from 2010 up to date). Appendix *NB the appendix should constitute a table of the medications you have referred to in your assignment.

Include the medication name; indicatioiquns for use; usual dose; side effects.SHOW LESS

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