research paper: Muslims in America

Subject: Sociology
Topic: research paper: Muslims in America

Paper details:


You will research and intellectualize a topic of your choice pertaining to Muslims in America.

(Ex: The struggle for Muslims living in the US; The emerging Muslim population;

Media portrayal of American Muslims; Political views on Islam; The treatment of identifiable Muslim Americans) Submit a 5-7 page APA formatted paper including at least three sources on this matter.

Along with your research findings, you will include your experiences throughout the research process. Helpful Tip: Use Subcategories to organize your paper.

Introduce your research.

Elaborate on the purpose of the paper and what lead you choose that particular topic of interest.

Reflect on the subject matter using supporting examples from current times (scholarly articles, journals, books, etc.).

Demonstrate the significance of this issue at hand and its effects on Muslims living in the United States.

Include examples of potential changes for this population and how future generations can alter societal behaviors. Conclude with a personal reflection.

Some things you may want to ask yourself: How did writing this paper make me feel?

What’s changed about my perspective on the issue? How can I contribuiqute to my society moving forward?SHOW LESS

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