NATO- then and now

Subject: History
Topic: NATO- then and now

Paper details:

You must find enough material to explain the background of your chosen topic, and to go into detail on at least three substantive issues.

Your research must be thorough enough so that your target audience (your fellow classmates) will understand the background and context, as well as nuances, pros and cons, relevant terminology, etc. I recommend starting with an in-depth news article from a reputable publication.

1. Introduction. Introduce the topic, and briefly summarize the three substantive areas you focused on.

2. Background. Explain the background and terminology needed for your classmates to understand the topic and its context.

3. Issue #1. Explain the most important issue, in sufficient detail to convey its relevance.

4. Issue #2. Explain a second substantial aspect, in sufficient detail to convey its relevance.

5. Issue #3. Explain a third substantial aspect, in sufficient detail to convey its relevance.

6. Conclusion. Wrap up your research, summarizing the topic and three issues. End with a forwardlooking statement that anticipates future needs, thoughts or consequences, based on your research. In other words, what next? What future problems, solutions or follow-up questions do you anticipate?

6. Resourceiqus. Cite your sources in MLA format.

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