Economic History

Choose ONE of the following:

Question 1

Briefly explain what is meant by Import-Substitution-Industrialisation (ISI) policy and why ISI was seen an important policy by developing countries soon after their independence? Critically analyse why this policy has been abandoned as a policy for promoting economic development in developing countries.


Question 2

What were the main challenges facing the Welfare State in Britain at its inception? How effectively had these been tackled by the mid-1970s? 

Task specific guidance: 

While writing this assessment you are advised to bear in mind on the following aspects:

  • Structure of the individual assignment is important. The students should have a proper academic writing style.
  • The students should be able to collect the data from different resources and generate relevant figures/diagrams according to the data- There would be a detailed guideline on this and relevant guidance will be available on Brightspace.
  • The students should be able to incorporate the data/figures well with the theories/concept and provide relevant description and discussion.
  • The students should be able to search for relevant academic resources, using appropriate reference style also avoid the issue of plagiarism by paraphrase the language where necessary. 

General study guidance: 

  • Cite all information used in your work which is clearly from a source. Try to ensure that all sources in your reference list are seen as citations in your work, and all names cited in the work appear in your reference list. 
Assessment criteria

The Assessment Criteria are shown the end of this document.  Your tutor will discuss how your work will be assessed/marked and will explain how the assessment criteria apply to this piece of work.  These criteria have been designed for your level of study. 
These criteria will be used to mark your work and will be used to support the electronic feedback you receive on your marked assignment. Before submission, check that you have tried to meet the requirements of the higher-grade bands to the best of your ability. Please note that the marking process involves academic judgement and interpretation within the marking criteria.
The Learning Innovation Development Centre can help you to understand and use the assessment criteria.  To book an appointment, either visit them on The Street in the Charles Sikes Building or email them on

Learning Outcomes 

This section is for information only. 

The assessment task outlined above has been designed to address specific validated learning outcomes for this module. It is useful to keep in mind that these are the things you need to show in this piece of work. 

On completion of this module, students will need to demonstrate:

Knowledge and Understanding Outcomes

On completion of this module students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the main themes in the post-war i.e. 1945 economic history of the UK. 

Ability On completion of this module students will be able to: 

3. Appreciate some of the policy dilemmas facing developing countries.

4. Compare and contrast different explanations of the British and developing countries history in the way which enables students to understand the debate about causes of growth and crisis. 

7. Communicate information effectively in writing

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