COVID-19 being politicized

Subject: World affairs
Topic: COVID-19 being politicized

Paper details:

Construct a thesis statement for your literature review. Since your review is meant to provide information on the topic for your reader, it should be informative and persuasive.

That said, you should justify the groupings you choose – not just why you’ve grouped them that way but what it provides a particular insight (or need for more or different research) into the field you’ve chosen. Introduction: Introduce the topic of the review, its significance, and the thesis statement. Body: Group your sources into different categories and devote 2-3 pages to each category. For a review of this length, 2-4 categories should be sufficient.

Conclusion: Summarize the review’s main points, restate the thesis, and provide suggestions for further research. Formatting:

Times New Roman 12-point font, one-inch margins, double-spaced throughout MLA-style heading: Name, instructor’s name, course, date Last name, page numbers in the upper-right corner of the header Title centered above the first paragraph Works Cited page with citatioiquns in proper MLA format

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