Any social work area that develops an innovative approach to to addressing a social work issue in Australia

Assessment 2: Research Project Proposal 


This assessment comprises a proposal for a research project that addresses a current social work area of interest or concern to you. You may focus on the same topic as your Annotated Bibliography (Assessment 1) OR you may choose a different topic. The purpose of this assessment is for you to: 

  • a)  Identify a current social work issue; 
  • b)  Analyse a range of relevant academic sources, such as journal articles, reports and case studies; 
  • c)  Develop an innovative approach to addressing a social work issue, drawing upon a range of relevant academic sources; 
  • d)  Discuss the potential outcomes and benefits of this approach; 
  • e)  Reflect upon any areas of professional development needed to address any gaps in your skills and/or knowledge (so that you could successfully undertake this project). 


Your project proposal should comprise the following (see detailed description below): 

1. Title
2. Abstract
3. Context
4. Proposal
5. Benefits and outcomes 

6. Impact and evaluation 7. Self-reflection
8. References 

Your project proposal should be 2000 – 2500 words in length. The word count for each section is a guide only; please ensure that the total word count (excluding references) does not exceed 2500 words

Guidance notes 
1. Title  (15-25 words) 
A clear and succinct title for your project 
2. Abstract  (120-150 words) A brief summary of:
– how your project will address the issue; and
– how the project will enhance learning and teaching. 
3. Context  (400-500 words) A description of the social work issue your research project will address and a brief discussion of:  – The current needs of service users/ practitioners/ community;
– The current challenges faced by service users/ practitioners/ community – What current key evidence-informed practice approaches are  being used to address this issue 
4. Proposal  (700-900 words) 
A description of what you plan to do to address the issue you have identified; and  A discussion of the evidence you have consulted that suggests this plan will be effective (you may wish to refer to the sources from your Annotated Bibliography, as well as reports, case studies, conference presentations, examples of good practice, etc). 
5. Outcomes and benefits  (300-350 words) 
A discussion of the proposed outcomes and benefits of your research project that addresses:  –  The proposed outcomes and benefits for: service users/ social workers/ community/the University/ external stakeholders (as applicable);  –  How the outcomes of the project will be disseminated. 
6. Impact and evaluation  (250-300 words) A plan for evaluating the progress and impact of your project that addresses the following:  – How you will ensure that the project is on track;
– How you will gather and use data and feedback to evaluate the impact  of your project. 
7. Self-reflection  (250-300 words) A brief summary of:
– the experience, knowledge and skills that you will bring to the project; and – any areas of professional development needed to address any gaps  in your skills/knowledge/experience so that you could successfully undertake this project. 
8. References  (excluded from word count) 
A full list of all cited sources, using APA or Vancouver citation styles 


  • Marking will follow the detailed rubric to be posted online. 
  • The following criteria will be considered: title and abstract; context; proposal; outcomes and benefits; impact and evaluation; self-reflection; references; written expression. 

Alignment to unit learning outcomes:

  • Research and describe the key issues commonly experienced by people who have regular contact with health and human services organisations; 
  • Describe key social and demographic trends in Australia which impact on contemporary health and human services; and 
  • Critically examine current service provision and professional practices in at least two field of social work practice. As well, the unit will highlight the role of leadership in influencing and effecting change. You will be encouraged to consider and articulate your own position on the role of social work in society and within your own developing sense of professional identity as a social work practitioner. 

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