Strategic plan

Mosaic International Hotel business Paper Outline

Topic: Establishment of Mosaic International hotel In Saudi Arabia

Thesis: Mosaic International hotel venture aims to explore the high number of tourists and potential Saudi Arabia citizens as a business venture. The business will mainly focus on the hospitality industry.

  • Introduction

Analysis of Saudi Arabia as a competitive ground for the establishment of hotels

A. Background 

The economy of Saudi Arabia is classified among the twenty strongest economies in the world. The country has more than 34 million people and records an average of more than 10 million international tourists annually.

  • Strategic Plan for the Mosaic International Hotel
  • PESTEL analysis of Saudi Arabia as the host country
  • Political stability – Willingness of the state to promote international ventures in the country.
  • Economic analysis – Best financial in the Middle East and ranked among the twenty most competitive nations.
  • Social- A distinctive culture of accommodating tourists, thus suitable in the development of international business.
  • Technology- Ranked among the 20 best economies and, therefore, competitive in the use of technology.
  • Environmental – Classified as a religious tourist country. 
  • Legal – The launch of vision 2030 entails developing the lenient policies and regulations that promote international businesses.
  • Competitive advantage 
  • Package services through differentiation that will allow family accommodations
  • Comparative lower prices
  • International experience from international professionals
  • SMART Goals
  • Establishment of 45 rooms capacity accommodation within the first two months
  • Have an occupancy rate of above 75% during the off-peak seasons and above 80% during the holidays. 
  • Within four fourth months, being among the best ten hotels in the Riyadh region
  • Summary of start-up Human resources and marketing concepts
  • International qualified professionals
  • Advertisement and promotions through local and international media 
  • 6-12 venture expansion plan
  • 1-3 Months – Fully establishment of the Hotel
  • 3-5 Months- Promotion activities with a target of getting 50% hotel and accommodation occupancy
  • 5-10 Months Establish transport as an after-sale service from the airport for our clients.
  • SWOT Analysis 
  • Strength- Employment of highly skilled internationally experienced professionals in the hospitality industry
  • Weakness- Operation in a religious rich environment likely to pose challenges
  • Opportunity – A large number of tourists annually from across the world thus a sustainable market.
  • Threat – new entrants of investors in the region from the same country likely to infiltrate the market with cheaper services
  • Conclusion

An overview analysis based on SWOT and PESTEL potential running of Mosaic International hotel in Saudi Arabia  

  • Recommendation 
  • The utilization of the Islamic approaches in the region
  • Use of the advertisement through mainstream media as the primary marketing approach. 

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