Passive Recon on a domain

3.  Submit a paper on preforming a Passive Recon on a domain.  Passive does not require you to actually perform any types of attacks.  Here you are gathering information.  In the paper, diagram out as much of the domain/network as you can find during the recon.  Research the IP addresses and the domains. 

 Provide detailed information and screen shots of the information found.  What tools did you use to perform the recon? After performing the recon, describe the vulnerabilities discovered and how the vulnerabilities could be used in an attack.  Think outside the box on this one.  How can non IT information be used? 

All options need to include sources used.  Copying and pasting of information or improper citing will result in a 0. 

There will be a 6 page minimum length required on any papers written.  Images can be included; however, be sure to cite images.  The paper option will also require a recorded presentation. MLA format 

Sunday, November 8th by 11:59 pm final projects are due (paper portions are to be submitted)

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