Nursing Care plan

Subject: Nursing
Topic: Nursing Care plan

Paper details:

*Text book: Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: An evidence-Based Guide to planning Care, 12th Edition (Betty J.Ackley I Gail B.Ladwig et. al)* This assignment is a nursing care plan.

The attached scenario is the assignment question you will work on and steps are been written on how to go about it. Also, template where the assignment will be answered is also attached, it has to be done there. Please, see the marking guide and the assignment should include a summary, details of the summary is listed below. please, note the followings: Summary Reflecting on the Nursing Care Plan you have just completed; write a summary (minimum 2 pages) including the following:

• Introduction- Provide a brief background on the topic and outline the purpose of your discussion. • Discussion: o Describe the purpose of the Nursing Care Plan and why the Nursing Process is important in the development of a Nursing Care Plan.

How the nurse can ensure the Nursing Care Plan is client centered? o Briefly outline the nursing actions required in each step of the Nursing Process. o Describe how the nursing metaparadigm concepts were used to complete the assignment. o Describe why applying SMART criteria is valuable in developing client goals. • Reflect on your experience in creating your first Nursing Care Plan: o What went well? How were you able to utilize the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm in the care plan process? o

What was difficult? o Were there any areas in the process you were left not feeling sure about? o What would you do differently in your next care plan assignment? • Conclusion- a summary of the discussion main points. • APA formatting, spelling, grammar is considered. The attached document that has the question and Guide is well detailed enough, please work with that. Refereniquce should also be included.

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