Hebrews and The Main Point of the OT

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Session 5 Final Assignment: Hebrews and The Main Point of the OT
In this two-part final project, you will construct an in-depth examination of Jesus’s NT fulfillment of the entire
OT system. The book of Hebrews is one giant OT sermon in the NT. The section in view for this assignment
focuses on how Jesus fulfills the OT.
Part 1: Take the NT text, Hebrews 6:13-10:18, and make an annotated list of all the ways Jesus fulfills the
systems of the OT. Starting from the beginning of this passage, complete the following:
Make a list of every OT reference: people, places, ideas, actions, themes, etc.
Then look up these OT items (using CCU’s online resources, a study Bible, online Bible software, a Bible index,
etc.) and state where they are found in the OT (verses) and in what genre of OT literature.
Provide a brief explanation of what each item is or does in the OT.
Then using the text in Hebrews, articulate how Jesus fulfills or surpasses that OT idea.
Part 2: Create a succinct and clear summary of your findings. How would you communicate your conclusions to
a middle-school student? In the equivalent of two pages, double spaced, communicate the following:
What is the central thesis of Hebrews 6:13-10:18?
How does this perspective connect the NT to the OT?
Submit your two-part assignment as a single file to the appropriate submission area.
When the assignment says to make a list of OT references, it means this: As you read through the designated
chapters of Hebrews, make a list of the times that the writer of Hebrews references (refers to) something from
the Old Testament.
Assignment Requirements:
Paper should be 6-8 pages, double spaced (not including the title and reference pages).
Written in Word using APA format (see the APA Requirements module for further assistance).
In-text citations included to support your main points.
Click on the Session 5 Final Assignment link and submit your assignment by the posted due date. Review the
rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria

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