Nature Essay

English 1200 & 1201, Sections 11 & 17 / Shih-Knodel / FALL 2020
Nature Essay Assignment (4-5 pages, 100 points)
PEER REVIEW WEEK begins on Friday, Oct. 30 at 12:00 AM and ends on Thursday, Nov. 5 at
11:59 PM.
The Nature Essay ROUGH DRAFT is due by Tues., Nov. 3 at 12:00 PM, ready to share with your
fellow group members in the Discussion Forum for review and feedback (your participation
counts as part of your discussion grade).
The FINAL DRAFT of your Nature Essay is due by Fri., Nov. 6 at 11:59 PM in the Assignment
Folder in D2L as a Microsoft Word document), that’s one extra day to polish and edit your
draft, based on peer review.

Make sure you type your final essay, and follow the conventions of MLA style (doublespaced, one-inch margins, standard MLA header—feel free to use my template).
We will be reading & doing the following in preparation for this essay:

  1. Watch the TED Talk by Marla Spivak on “Why Bees Are Disappearing”
  2. Watch the story by Mark Strassman of CBS News on “Rusty Patched Bumblebee, once
    common pollinator, added to the endangered list”
  3. Read Josephine Marcotty, “Part 1: Nature’s Dying Migrant Worker” (Star Tribune online
  4. Read Josephine Marcotty, “Part 2: Bee Battle Seeks Hearts and Minds” (Star Tribune
    online article)
  5. Read Justin Worland, “The Future in Flames” (PDF document, Time magazine)
  6. Jasmine Aguilera, “Siberian Wildfires and Heatwaves in Alaska: How the Arctic Is Nearing
    a Point of No Return” (TIME magazine online article)
  7. Read Andrew Freedman, “Greenland Again Sees Massive Melt” (PDF, Star Tribune)
  8. Read Andrew Freedman, “July was the hottest month ever recorded” (PDF, Star Tribune)
  9. Watch TED Talk by Greta Thunberg
  10. Watch PBS NewsHour report on Antarctic warming (by William Brangham)
  11. Watch PBS NewsHour report: The Urgency of Climate Change (Interview with David
  12. Read Justin Worland’s “2020 Is Our Last, Best Chance of Saving the Planet” (TIME online
    All of these materials are available under CONTENT > Nature Unit, and they will be the sources
    you use in your research essay.
    I know this seems like a LOT, but many of these essays are short, just one or two pages long, and
    none of the reading is more than 10 pages long. Also, many of the TED Talks and news reports
    are short as well, no more than 10 minutes in most cases.

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