Industry consulting project

Formulate a workplace project through analysis of the
way a business operates within your industry specialism.
b) Apply relevant frameworks, theoretical models and
concepts to underpin the analysis of researching and
reporting, on a work place project.
c) Produce a substantial, well-organised, clear and
coherent independent business research report.
d) Manage and self-direct work and learning, within a
relevant professional context.
e) Demonstrate the ability to critically reflect on work
integrated learning activities and self-identify personal
goals and learning needs.
f) Enhance employability via development of a
professional competency portfolio.

You are required to produce a professional, well-organised, clear and coherent, independent
report of 2,500 words that has an Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Introduction and
Your Introduction should include a clear statement of the purpose of the paper and how it
proceeds (i.e. provide the structure of the paper). It should also identify the position/role
you aspire to in the future. Following this you will include a further four main sections:

  1. Industry placement review: Include a brief description of your industry placement
    organisation and what you are doing there. Then properly describe the industry and
    its broader employment opportunities and the type of role you would like in the
    future (your “target job” in the industry). If you have yet not done your industry
    placement you need to agree a revised approach to this section with your Lecturer
    well in advance of submission.
  2. Current personal skills and behaviours: Collect and present as much primary
    (collected by you) and secondary (collected by others) data as you can on your own
    current skills and behaviours. You should start by presenting your LPA and Gallup
    results. You might also do some interviews and/or use previous workplace feedback
    (oral or written e.g. performance reports). This should culminate in all the data being
    presented in a personal SWOT analysis (presented in a Table and discussed). Note
    that the Strengths and Weaknesses will be your own – and the Opportunities and
    Threats relate to your future employment
  3. Future position skills and behaviours: Collect and present as much information as
    you can on the skills and behaviours required in the position/role you aspire to in the
    future (identified in section 1). You might use job descriptions, interviews with HR
    representatives or people already in the role, or other data sources. It is important
    that you do not guess the skills and behaviours required for the position/role.
  4. Gap analysis: Conduct a Gap Analysis that examines your current skills and
    behaviours against those required for the job/career you aspire to in the future. The
    Gap Analysis should be clearly linked to what you found in Sections 2 and 3. It
    should also be presented in a summary Table and then the specific skills, experience,
    competencies and behaviours you identify as needing development discussed. Note
    that you might find something here that can be included in Assessment 3.

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