final exam questions

Final Exam Essay Questions

Instructions for the Final Exam Essay Questions

Be prepared to answer the following 10 essay questions listed below. Two (2) essay questions will be randomly selected for the Final Exam. I am providing the essay questions ahead of the exam to allow students ample time to prepare their answers. I expect strong essays.

In addition to evaluating a students understanding of the concepts, unfortunately I have been forced to assign a minimum amount of words to encourage comprehensive answers. To receive maximum points. each essay must be a minimum of 250 words and no more than 500 words. Attention: I use Word Count so be warned. I suggest preparing your answers ahead of taking the Final Exam. You may copy and paste your answers in the appropriate text field in the Final Exam.

As you read and study the Chapters in the textbook and the course Modules, I encourage you to keep these essay questions in mind while studying so when you encounter pertinent information you can make notes. You may need to go beyond the textbook to prepare comprehensive answers.

  • How does the discipline of geography provide a bridge between the social sciences and the physical sciences?
  • What prompted the first major wave of rural-to-urban migration in modern history?
  • Identify the four main physical landforms of Europe. What are the main features of each?
  • What are some of the major environmental problems in Russia?
  • Where are the five main cultural regions of South America?
  • What geological phenomenon has created the rift valleys of East Africa? What physical geographic features are found here?
  • What prompted the Arab Spring of 2011? Which country was the first to see change?
  • Why would the Maldives be concerned about climate change?
  • What are the four main rivers of Southeast Asia and how do they contribute to each region’s economic activities?
  • How did colonial activity in Australia impact the indigenous people?

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