Design Learning


Value: 60%

Length: 3,000 words or equivalent (excluding references)

This task aims to bring together the learning you have done through the subject to develop an innovative learning initiative appropriate to the learning scenario you outlined in Assessment 1.

The innovative learning initiative can incorporate; digital, virtual, blended, or workplace learning tools and approaches.  You must develop a comprehensive plan for the innovative learning initiative and also discuss the ways in which the learning initiative is considered innovative by referring to the literature which we have discussed in class as well as your own research.

There are two parts to this assessment:

  • In-class peer review presentation in Block 4 (not graded but strongly recommended)

Submission of your learning initiative design in written form (graded) Assessment criteria linkages

CriteriaWeight Subject Learning Objective 
a. Appropriateness of learning initiative design for the learning scenario35%c
b. Comprehensiveness of the plan for the learning initiative 35%c
c. Depth and criticality of analysis of the innovative nature of the learning initiative supported by the literature20% c
d. Clarity of expression and logical structuring of argument10%c


The format of this assessment may vary according to the learning initiative which you are developing.  Generally, the format would be a report but you may use alternative formats which suit your learning initiative.  Please keep in mind that this assessment needs to be submitted through Canvas and so will need to be in either MS Word of PDF format ultimately.  If you have developed any online materials, please include them in your document as either a web link or with instructions for how to access the materials.

There is no minimum number of references but it is expected that you use appropriate references mainly from the academic literature supplemented by professional sources as appropriate. At a minimum you should be using readings from class. Your references are expected to comply with APA 6 or 7 referencing style.  Your references should be primarily from peer reviewed sources (i.e. journal articles), books, or other periodicals.  You should not rely on websites, blogs, etc. for your information unless necessary (e.g. company websites).

Detailed Task Description

This assessment task is designed for you to apply what you have learned throughout the subject to design your own innovative learning initiative related to your work context (or a case study).  To complete this assessment, you will be using the learning scenario that you outlined in Assessment 1.  The focus for Assessment 2 is demonstrating what you have learned in this course by presenting a design for an innovative learning initiative.  Importantly, you also need to ensure that you justify your design decisions with reference to the literature.  There are two parts to this assessment.

PART 2 – Written submission

Your written submission is the graded component of Assessment 2 and worth 60% of your final grade for the subject.  This submission should address the following:

1. Provide a detailed outline of your learning initiative with reference to the learning scenario which you described in Assessment 1 (Tip: You do not need to re-describe your scenario from Assessment 1. Assume we’ve read it). You may also want to reflect on the questions below in this section:

    • What solution did you come up with using the program design approach/model that you selected in Assessment 1?  How appropriate was your selection of this approach/model to the final initiative?
    • What design decisions did you need to make to take into account contextual, learner, and stakeholder considerations?
    • How does your learning initiative address the needs which you identified in Assessment 1? (both for the learners and the organisation)

NOTE: You do not need to provide all of the collateral (e.g. session plans, presentations, websites, etc.) for your initiative, only a description of the design.

2. Critically discuss why your approach is innovative for your context with reference to the literature.  This might be why your content or delivery method is is innovative in your context for example or which individual aspects might be considered innovative.  Support your argument with reference to the literature discussed in class and your own research.

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