Cyber Security

In this assignment you will write a report around web security. The
goal is to understand some published web security exploits and think
about the lessons learned for the applications you are building in this
Listed below are some sites that publish details of cyber security
exploits. It’s just a partial list and you may know of other sources
which you are free to use. For this report you should select two
published security incidents (2 incidents listed below) involving
web applications. Ideally these would be related in some way – eg.
they might be attacks on the same kind of application or they might
exploit the same kind of vulnerability.
For each of these you should:
Give a broad description of the exploit – this can quote directly from
the sources you found (with attribution)
Provide some insight into how the exploit was possible with
reference to the things we’ve covered in this unit. For example;

  • Where in the software stack was the attack made?
  • What technical features of the application were used to gain access?
  • What did the developers do wrong?
    Here we’re looking for you to apply your knowledge of web
    application architecture and technology to interpret the attack you
    are describing.
    This should be in your own words.
    Two Published Security Incidents I chose from here:
    I chose the following 2:
    Number 2: Panera Bread customer information to easy to access
    Number 3: Timehop breach started back in December 2017

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