Consider the Celebrity

Topic: Consider the Celebrity

Paper details:

I wrote 4 pages, I need some grammar to revise and help me write 4 more pages about the main argument about celebrity’s lack of their essences by building the fake image of ideal personality and only care about the e-commercial transaction. But I can hardly think about the connection with ordinary online users.

To support your imitation of Wallace’s piece, your first draft has 3 requirements:

Your draft needs to include your attitude toward your subject, before and after your experience Your draft needs to demonstrate that you have imagined your audience’s attitude toward your subject before they read your essay.

Like Wallace, your goal is to shift your audience’s emotional and intellectual orientation to your specific subject; you also need to appeal to BOTH your readers’ hearts and minds. You’ll notice Wallace includes footnotes in his piece, which means he had to learn more about the subject to write about it by doing outside research.

The footnotes indicate he thinks his readers might want to read those sources later too. Your second draiquft also needs to include footnotes.SHOW LESS

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